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the first in Poland Mamma Mia

Welcome to the first pizzeria Mamma Mia in Poland, which has been serving pizzas, pasta, traditional Italian grilled dishes and light salads and delicious desserts since 2011. Our restaurant, located in the heart of Warsaw, is open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. This means that we do not close even on holidays!

Original Italian Products

Fresh products straight from Italy, at your eyes and in the hands of our experienced chefs, transform into a culinary masterpiece that will satisfy the most fussy palate at any time of day or night. The youngest guests – and not only – will surely delight our Italian desserts.

we never close

From 05:00 to 12:00, we invite you to enjoy tasty toast omelets with vegetables or other nutritious breakfast suggestions and aromatic freshly brewed coffee.

Between 12.00 and 16.00 (from Monday to Friday) we prepare appealers and varied lunches at a good price to discover the magic of Italian dishes.

Tasty and healthy at any time

In the evenings we invite you to romantic dinners for two or a climate meeting with friends with a glass of homemade Italian wine, while the ostrich night Wanderers-between successive club stops-we offer a hearty and delicious pizza, which Will satisfy even the greatest hunger and for less hungry we recommend fresh healthy salads and more. Check ourselves to satisfy every hunger, not depending on the time everyone will find something for themselves.


Welcome to our restaurant at UL. Świętokrzyska 32, as well as we encourage you to order by phone – we are for you every day, anytime!

We cordially invite you, and do not tell us a long wait.

Our menu



Margherita sos pomidorowy / mozarella 22 zł

Funghi sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / pieczarki 28 zł

Calzone sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / pieczarki / szynka 32 zł

Calzone Vegetariano sos pomidorowy / mozarrella / karchochy / grillowane warzywa / papryka / oliwki / pieczarki / cebula 32 zł

4 formaggi mozarella / brie / fontina / gorgonzola 36 zł

Salami sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / salami 30 zł

Diavolo sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / pepperoni 32 zł

Hawajska sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / szynka / ananas 30 zł

Pollo sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / kurczak 30 zł

Parma sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / szynka parmeńska / rukola 35 zł

Vegetariana sos pomidorowy / mozarella / karczochy / grillowane warzywa / czerwona papryka / oliwki / pieczarki / cebula 34 zł

Carbonara mozarella / boczek / jajko / cebula 30 zł

Cappriciosa sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / szynka / pieczarki / cebula / oliwki / pepperoni 36 zł

Focaccia biała pizza / oliwa z oliwek / rozmaryn 15 zł

Focaccia caprese biała pizza / świezy pomidor / mozarrella / swieża bazylia 27 zł

Napoli sos pomidorowy  / mozzarella / anchvois / kapary 32 zł

Capri rukola / pomidor cherry / szynka parmeńska 35 zł

Calzone Vegetariano sos pomidorowy / mozzarella / grillowane warzywa / czerwona papryka / oliwki / pieczarki / cebula 32 zł


Grill / Salad

Desery / Napoje



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